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If you are visiting us to sit your

Rockschool Exam please read this

Sat Nav

Whilst many Satellite Navigation devices find us without issue, a number of visitors have found that their own device did not guide them correctly when the correct postcode was entered. For this reason please be sure to check the Map and Directions on our 'Billing & Location' page when planning your journey to ensure you arrive safely and on time.

Facilities Provided

We have a waiting area along with a warm-up room where entrants are welcome to tune-up and practise prior to the exam, so please be sure to arrive early enough to benefit from this. We cannot provide refreshments on the day but a Londis store next door can satisfy most requirements and there is a Cafe 

nearby for hot food and drinks.

Equipment for the day

All entrants

The examiner will usually have copies of all the usual Rockschool Exam material on an MP3 player but you are required to bring your Music and CD along. If you are entering any 'free choice' pieces you will need to provide the examiner with a copy of the Music and a CD with the backing track.


We provide guitarists with a Line6 Flextone III Modelling guitar amp for use at the exam. This is a fully featured amp offereing a wide variety of tones and effects if needed. Entrants are welcome to bring any pedals or fx needed to achieve their desired sound which we will be happy to help you set-up. We provide a Music rest, Leads and Tuners so you do not need to bring any of these with you. Please of course remember your guitar and picks, and some spare strings just in case.


Bassists are provided with a small 15 Watt Combo with a single volume and tone control - feel free to bring your own if you prefer. As with guitarists, you are welcome to use your own fx etc and we will provide a Music Rest, Tuner and Leads as necessary.


Drummers will sit their exam on our Sonor 2007 Birch kit with Zildjian A Series Cymbals (2x Crash, Ride and Hi-Hats). This is a well maintained and high quality kit and cymbals, in excellent condition. Entrants wishing to use their own Snare, Cymbals or Kick-Pedal are more than welcome to do so provided Rockschool has been notified of this. If you were considering bringing your own kit please speak to us first to establish whether it is truly necessary.


Vocalists are advised to bring their own vocal mic for use at the exam if Grade 4 or above. However we have a microphone available for use if needed.

Results Enquiries

Merthyr Music provides our facilities and a steward for Exam days but we are not Rockschool and will be unable to help you with any enquiries or appeals regarding your results. For any such enquiries please contact Rockschool directly on-

08454 604747

Following your visit we would welcome any feedback on how we could have improved your experience at the exam centre. We are also of course happy to take on any students wishing to take up an additional instrument or transfer their tuition to Merthyr Music if you have not achieved the result you were expecting.

Good Luck with your Rockschool Exams at Merthyr Music!